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Steve Gamble – Owner, Niwaki Tree and Shrub Services  *****

I have been working with Mike @ ActionCOACH for a few months now. We meet 2 or 3 times a month depending on my schedule. He is always available to help when I call or text. He has really opened my eyes to a lot things that I needed help with in my business but didn’t even know. He invited me to a free workshop and then we met for about a two hour free review of my business. At that meeting I knew I needed his help. He is very honest and knows his business everything from company evaluation to management. If you need more time on your business instead of in your business, Mike should be your personal business ActionCOACH.


Jim Ryerson – Owner, Ryerson Brothers Construction *****

Mike is a phenomenal coach! He has entered into our business process and culture seamlessly to push and encourage me as the owner to work ON my business so that I can ultimately get out of working IN my business daily (in the near future, as well as the long-term as an exit plan). Not only is he a good coach, but Mike is a great person. Very positive, innovative, strategic as well as tough when he needs to be: holding me accountable to implement the things that he and I discuss. I would highly recommend Mike as an Action Coach!


Jodee Adkins – Owner, Community Savings Magazine   *****

Mike Cooper is fantastic! He is very knowledgeable and practical! Mike quickly understood my business and it's challenges. He was able to effectively offer me some strategic options and provide sound advice. I am grateful to have this resource available to my business and it's growth!


 Rob Burns - Owner, WayPoint Consulting *****

I have worked with Mike Cooper very closely over the past few months, and can say without any doubt that I am better for having met him! Mike is always able to help provide focus in a very scattered world. His views are rich with experience and he is able to coach in so many ways. Between is integrity, honesty, and heart it is clear that Mike wants to see all those around him succeed. THANK YOU Mike for being so great, telling the hard truths, and helping those you coach push past the pain to strive for success. I can only speak directly for myself, but I would have to imagine everyone else would say the same. I'm better because of you!


Paul Palomino – Consultant, RevLocal Media Specialists  *****

Mike is a great coach! I am excited to be working with him to refer him to clients of mine who are trying to build a great business but may not have the right road map.


Shannon Evans - Co-Founder, Nailed-It, DIY *****

Mike is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to understand YOUR business and YOUR needs. You will always feel like you are the most important person to him in any conversations you have because, honestly, you are important to him. I highly suggest seeking any guidance from him. Thank you, Mike, for everything!


Darby Copeland – Co-Founder, Nailed-It, DIY *****

Mike is not only knowledgeable about his subject matter, but he takes the extra effort to make the information relevant and easy to understand for all skill levels. His attention to detail and engaging personality are an added bonus. Our franchisee network is better equipped to make daily, monthly and annual forecasts and plans after his seminar.


Michael Pease – Owner Chiropractic Relief Center *****

An amazing wealth of knowledge! Working with Mike has been a real eye opener for me as an entrepreneur. Just goes to show "you don't know what you don't know!". Fortunately, Mikes been in the trenches and knows how to get the results most of us entrepreneurs are looking for. Increased revenue, more time, flexibility, and the basic success you're looking for. When it's time to work ON your business instead of slaving away IN your business get with Mike. Real results real fast!


Kay Click – Owner, Nailed-It, DIY, Rock Hill  *****

Mike is great at teaching small business owners what they need for success. I would highly recommend him and ActionCOACH.


Brian White – Owner, Media Zeus Video Productions  *****

Mike brings a systematic approach to improving profitability for companies who need to scale operations and find that work/life balance. I’m happy to have ActionCOACH as my business management consultant, thanks Mike.

Additional Client Testimonials:

Mike, I wanted to drop a quick note to you regarding our progress. We are making changes to the way we handle business day to day now (not month to month – not year to year as in the past). SALY (Same As Last Year) is now a forbidden term.  “What did we improve today” is the new rule.  ActionCoach is what triggered that light bulb to turn on. Also, the energy I personally get as I read, speak of, or attend anything concerning ActionCoach is surprising to me and the people who know me. ActionCoach is something that I and my company needed to come out of the norm and gain the possibility of another 24 years of being a strong, family-owned small business. We are now on a path to double last year’s profits. In retrospect, without this change, our days were numbered.

Jimmy, Owner of an upscale Lawncare Business


Valuable advice, routing customers to maximize efficiency, customer service, negotiating bids, and contracts, helped me improve sales, marketing, human resources, and approach with large customers and profitability.     

Mike, Founder and Owner of Residential and Commercial Lawncare and Landscaping Company


Straightforward, growth-oriented, gifted problem solver, good coach. Greatest strength is his interest and ability to help others improve skillset, willingness to help me improve my skills made it easy to follow his leadership. 

Arnold, GM of $1M Chemical Cleaning and Safety Company


Mike has worked weekly and often daily with me and my team to develop and implement improved business plan processes and procedures. We have seen the highest level of success in our marketing and sales success efforts, and the results we have gone with and improved management and production standards have been unbelievable. We are now growing at a rate that I have not seen in our prior 49 years of existence. And more importantly, we have a better plan for building and maintaining our business than ever before. 

Bob, Founder and CEO of a Commercial Woodworking and Cabinetry Company


We love what Mike has helped us accomplish in our organization. He has helped us improve morale, reduce our level of stress, and make key moves to properly staff our organization. We are very happy with this relationship. He has helped us make work fun again.

Bob, Founder/President of $7M Design-build Remodeling Company


Highly motivated, out of the box solutions, fair, respectful, focused, always looking for the right thing to do for best long-term result.   

Paul, Founder, and Owner of Residential and Commercial Lawncare and Landscaping Company


I would be happy to recommend Mike for a short or long-term consulting role where we would analyze the state of the business, sales, culture, operational efficiency, customer service, KPIs, recruiting, pay for performance compensation, and then recommend the top 3-5 initiatives to most effectively drive company performance, and lead executives and teams through the successful completion of the plan.  

Rebecca, Founder/President of Nationwide, Mid-market Company


I can’t tell you how happy I am with what Mike is helping us accomplish. For the last few years, we have barely broken even. This year we will make about 8-10%, on sales of around $4M. Our plans next year are to hit $8M to $10M. I have wished someone could show me how to organize, grow, and improve my company for years, but thought I would have to go back to school to do it.

Rich, Founder / President of $4M Custom Home Construction Company


I might have lost my company, and possibly my house if it were not for Mike’s assistance. 

Jody, Owner of Real Estate Appraisal Firm


Smart, talented, hardworking…as honest as the day is long…would hire Mike to run a company for me, in a heartbeat.  

Dick, Partner/Vice President, $250M Company


Strong work ethic, enthusiasm, and determination, a wide variety of experience in different departments extremely beneficial.  

Tracy, Partner/GM $20M Company


Mike is a class act. He and I rarely made a poor hiring decision when we worked together. He helped build a top-notch team of nearly 40 employees that has almost no turnover- over 2 years later.  

Jamie, Partner/GM $8M B2B Service Company 

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