“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

Pablo Picasso

Profit Improvement

Steve, the owner of a struggling 5 employee home services company, increased profits by 97% in 7 months, through setting important KPIS, tracking results weekly, removing under-performers, improved marketing, intelligent investment in equipment and performance-based incentives for his team. Additionally, he has hired a #2 guy and is prepared to 2X his profits, again, over the next 12 months.

Comprehensive Strategic Planning/Customer Service Excellence

Mike, the GM of a $1M B2B, implemented our approach, and grew his business to $6M and 17% net profit, in 42 months, while improving customer satisfaction from 35% to over 80%.

Price Increases on Low Pro​​​​f​​​​​​​​​​it Customers

John, partner in a service and delivery $1M start-up, improved profit by 20% and reduced employee hours and vehicle usage by 10%, by increasing prices on lowest volume customers (lost less than 1%).

Building a Winning Culture

Yasser, owner of a mid-market Janitorial company, had a $15M region that was losing money and at risk to lose its 3 largest customers.  We developed a turnaround plan that to implement weekly communication and training with all supervisors, incentive pay increases, weekly accountability as well as a written improvement plan for each customer. Within 6 months the division was profitable and he lost ZERO customers.  

Dashboard to Success

Rich, the founder of a growing, semi-custom home building company, was not able to stay on top of the most important numbers and trends in his business. As a result, he struggled with cashflow and reacting to problems. We built a weekly 12-line dashboard that tracked the most important drivers of his business, and in less than a year, he was able to double his profit and work fewer hours.

Sales Management Expertise

Tracy, the GM/partner in a $20M B2B, was able to leverage our sales management expertise to drive a 78% increase in sales productivity without adding or removing anyone from the sales team.

Culture / Jump-start / Next Level / 4 Hour Hiring Process

Rebecca, the founder/CEO of a $13M B2B, was able to utilize strategic planning, culture building, and 4 hour hiring process, to FINALLY get over the hump, and achieve $19M in sales in < 12 months.

Report Up Culture / More Life - Less Work, Higher Profits

Wally, the CEO of a $20M custom home building company, grew profits by 390%, while reducing office time from 5 days a week to 3 days/month over a 30-month period, by documenting highest value activities, holding people accountable to HVAs, and creating a “report up” system and culture.

Profit Acceleration/Reinvest in Growth

Jeanie, partner in a $5M B2B, used our approach, to replace their cell phones, copiers, delivery fleet, and lighting system, reduced their costs b​​​​y $3000 per month, got NEW equipment in the process, and financed 75% of the cost of a new Sales Position in the company.

Strategic Planning Acceleration

Bob, the owner and founder of a Top 50 USA Design-build remodeling firm, used our approach to grow his company from $3M to $6M in 3 years, but more importantly, he reduced his hours by 30%, paid off business debt (and his new home), and built a proactive plan for the next recession.

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